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Bronwyn R. 1月11日2018 澳大利亚

I saw these cookies in the office of a midwife I was seeing for breastfeeding help and suggested to give it a try. They taste good and have helped increase my supply! I normally get 60 - 80ml per express and now I'm hitting 130  - 150ml, amazing!

我向助产士询问母乳喂养的时候,在她们的办公室看到了这些曲奇, 并建议尝试一下。它们味道很好, 有助于增加我的供应量!我通常出乳量60-80毫升,现在我有130-150毫升, 真是太神奇了!

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Jessica T. 10月15日2017 新西兰

These cookies are the reason I didn't give up breastfeeding. My first baby was 2 months old, my milk had almost dried up. Thankfully a friend recommended Franjo's lactation cookies and I immediately placed an order. I ended up breastfeeding my first for over 1.5 years (only stopping because I was 20 weeks pregnant and tender) I'm now using these cookies with my second baby. I recommend these cookies to all of my friends who fall pregnant! Wonderful products!

这些曲奇是我没有放弃母乳喂养的原因。在宝宝2个月我的母乳几乎干涸。值得庆幸的是,朋友推荐了Franjo’s Kitchen 的催乳曲奇,我立即购买来尝试!我的第一次母乳喂养超过1.5年(因为我怀孕20周而暂停)我现在使用这些曲奇帮助喂乳我的第二个宝宝。我向所有怀孕的朋友推荐这款曲奇,精彩的产品。

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Esin D. 7月3日2017 澳大利亚

Delicious and they really do work. Highly recommend for breast feeding mums with low milk supply. I have purchased this product multiple times and will continue to do so. Packaging is great and helps keep cookies fresh.


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Amy B. 5月20日2017 澳大利亚

Absolutely loved these cookies. They were a saviour when I was breastfeeding. They tasted delicious and really made a difference to my milk supply.


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Jessica F. 8月15日2018 新西兰

Love ! Love ! Love these ones. Have tried many brands and Franjo's Kitchen is by far my favourite. Not only are they a great snack , great value , great for supporting my milk supply, and they taste AMAZINGLY HEALTHY!

非常非常爱这些曲奇。尝试了很多品牌和Franjo's Kitchen 是我最喜欢的。它们不仅是一道美味的曲奇,而且物超所值,非常帮助我的母乳产量,而且味道很美味健康!

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Cabbey C. 1月18日2018 澳大利亚

I ordered these cookies as I need a help for my milk supply. They were the nicest tasting, and by that afternoon of eating two cookies, my milk already started to come in better then ever, huge help. Now put it into my nursery bag and carry wherever I go.




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